How do you start over?

Can we do it? Can we actually begin again after such a long absence? Β Yes we can and here's why........

When you start something from the ground up there are really no guidelines on how to do it. Yes I know, I know there are 1001 books on how to run a non profit, but none on how to deal with the defeat of not accomplishing what you set forth to do in the first place. If you don't know our history here is a brief synopsis;

In 2006, a few others and I got together to create a special needs child care center. This idea morphed into an inclusive child care center after researching what was actually needed. Our mission also included parent advocacy and support for families living with autism. We were very successful in creating a series of seminars and community events, but we struggled to get the initial idea, a child care center of the ground. Not to mention, my family was struggling with personal and financial setbacks.Β 

So we tabled it. We boxed up our materials, turned of the phone and moved to a primarily online presence. Our online and national base grew, but there was still a nagging desire to complete what we set out to do or at least be active within our mission.

All organizations go through change, restriction and growth. Ours is no different, sometimes you have to take a step back and reevaluate before you can actually go forward.

Today is the first day we start again. Today is a new beginning. There is a new name - Autism Community and Care Connection. Our mission has expanded from only helping pre-school and school age children to encompass teens, young adults and older adults. Here we are again at the beginning, a little wiser, a little more focused and ready to help as many people as we can. Will you join us in our new beginning?


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